Planning & Zoning

The City of Clarkesville Planning and Zoning Department provides assistance to policy makers, residents, business owners, and developers in regard to community change and growth.

The City of Clarkesville requires building permits prior to construction or remodeling activity in order to help protect and maintain the health, welfare, and safety of our citizens and business patrons. Building permits ensure that proper inspections are performed; the inspections, in turn, verify that construction or remodeling of a residence or business complies with code requirements. (See list of codes below.)

Permits are required for any work undertaken to construct, enlarge, alter, or repair any structure as well as for changes to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or other mechanical systems. These activities include all new construction as well as room additions; basement, attic, or garage finishes; moving walls; water heater replacement; electric service replacement; construction of decks over 30 inches in height; and accessory buildings larger than 120 square feet, to name a few. Building permits are not required for minor repair, cabinetry, painting, etc.

Prior to starting a project, it's a good idea to call the inspections department at 706-754-4216; our staff can help determine whether or not a project requires a building permit.

The City of Clarkesville adheres to the following codes:
International Building Code, 2012*
International Energy Conservation Code, 2009*
International Fuel Gas Code, 2012*
International Mechanical Code, 2012*
International Plumbing Code, 2012*
International Residential Code, 2012*
International Fire Code, 2012*
National Electric Code, 2011*
*With Georgia amendments

City of Clarkesville Building & Planning Fees
  Approved by Council January 5, 2004 • Effective January 6, 2004
Amended August 6, 2004)

Plan Review (enclosed structures only)
  Residential $15.00
  Commercial $40.00
  Subdivision Review $350.00
Building Permit (any structural or prefabricated work)
  Min. Fee (includes demo.) $40.00
  Enclosed areas $0.14 per sq. ft.
  Unenclosed areas $0.07 per sq. ft.
Electrical Permit
  Min. Fee $25.00
  Size of Service $75.00 per 200 amp panel
Mechanical Permit
  Min. Fee $25.00
  Size of Service $25.00 per ton or equivalent
Plumbing Permit
  Min. Fee $25.00
  Fixtures sites or app. locations $7.50 per fixture site or app. loc.
Swimming Pools
  Residential $50.00
  Commercial $75.00
Sign Permit
  Min. Fee $25.00
  Sign area $3.00 per sq. ft. per sign face
  Lighting & Electric $25.00 additional
Certificate of Completion and/or Occupancy
  (Applies to all permits) No Cost
Reinspection (for all permits)
  1st time for inspection failure $50.00
  2nd & succeeding times for inspection failure $100.00
Commencing work without a permit Double regular permit fee
Planning & Zoning Applications
  Rezoning - Map amend. $625.00
  Conditional Use $625.00 plus $50 per additional condition
  Variance $625.00 filing plus $150 per additional variance
E-Verify: City of Clarkesville Participates in the E-Verify Program as required by Georgia State Law (O.C.G.A. Section 13-10-91). The City of Clarkesville's identification number is 99919 and date of authorization was February 13, 2008.

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